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English Lit 6 Poem Essay - 3355 Words

‘Compare the treatment of love in some of the poems you have studied ’ Poem at Thirty-nine, My last Duchess, Remember, Anne Hathaway, Havisham On my first Sonne. Poets have written love poems for centuries with the first said to be around 1000BC. But what is love? It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘ to have attachment to and affection for’. However, after studying various love poems, I have found that love is portrayed in many different ways. It can be possessive, hateful and pure and the fact that William Shakespeare said ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’ suggests that love is more complicated than a simple dictionary definition. ‘Remember’ is in the form of an Italian sonnet in which Christina†¦show more content†¦The poem is extremely moving and sad, but I think the speaker feels proud of her father and this is suggested at the end of the poem where she develops similar characteristics to him: ‘cooking, writing..’ and how she is ‘happy to feed whoever strays my way’ like her father. Walker does this to express that a part of her father belongs to her and she is proud of these similarities, which keep him alive in her memory long after his death. I think it is interesting that Walker uses phrases such as ‘I look and cook just like him’ because this creates a positive mood in the poem and contrasts the sorrow showing how her despite her fathers death, he lives on through her. Furthermore, Walker’s strict upbringing is suggested by the ‘beating’ she sometimes received; however, she did not judge her father,as she was thankful for the morals she was taught and the importance of telling the truth. The idea that she has done someShow MoreRelatedYolo1583 Words   |  7 PagesDEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE College of Arts and Sciences San Beda College COURSESYLLABUS First Semester, AY2014-2015 San Beda College, a Catholic educational institution, is committed to the Christian formation of the Bedan Community as its service to the Church, the Philippine society, and the world. Vision : San Beda College envisions a community that is Fully Human, Wholly Christian, Truly Filipino, and Globally Competitive. Mission : San Beda College aims to formRead MorePoem Analysis : Poetry Evaluation2248 Words   |  9 PagesPoetry Evaluation 8 Willie Dunlap Ms Noel-Williams ENGL 1213-Essay 2, Poetry Evaluation October 6, 2014 Poetry Evaluation The overall meaning of the poem is someone who wants to be one with the nature around him. This person feels insignificant and sees the world around him much more significant with their beauty and other attributes. As this person says they would rather be horizontal, tells me that they want to be laying down or asleep. It also makes me think that they might want to be deadRead MoreEavan Boland and Eilean Ni Chuilleanain Poetry Analysis2557 Words   |  10 Pagesparticularly reoccurring topic throughout the work of female Irish poets. There are many factors that contribute to this. This essay will use two Irish female poets and their work in order to outline these factors. Eavan Boland and Eilean Ni Chuilleanain are both female Irish poets whose work focuses primarily on the issue of identity as a fragile, constructed thing. This essay will use close examination of both Boland and Ni Chuilleanain’s work in order to explore how two separate female poets dealRead MoreCarol Ann Duffy Poems Analysis8144 Words   |  33 PagesOriginally Introduction Memories play a significant role in the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, particularly her recollections of childhood places and events. The poem â€Å"Originally,† published in The Other Country (1990), draws specifically from memories of Duffys familys move from Scotland to England when she and her siblings were very young. The first-born child, Duffy was just old enough to feel a deep sense of personal loss and fear as she traveled farther and farther away from the only place sheRead MoreBelonging Essay4112 Words   |  17 PagesHSC Subject Guide Belonging 2009 HSC: Area of Study – English - related material English HSC 2009 - 2012 is Belonging. What does belonging mean? From the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus: belong, verb, 1) to be rightly put into a particular position or class; 2) fit or be acceptable in a particular place or environment; 3) belong to be a member of; 4) belong to be the property or possession of. Belonging, noun, affiliation, acceptance, association, attachment, integration, closeness, rapport,Read More Postmodernist Features in Vonneguts Cats Cradle2907 Words   |  12 PagesPostmodernist Features in Vonneguts Cats Cradle Cats Cradle is a book, which enables many points for literary discussions. One possible topic of them could be the postmodernist features in this book. In this examination Ihab Hassans essay Toward a Concept of Postmodernism was used as a source of secondary literature for defining of postmodernist features. The most visible and prevalent features are postmodernist metonymy, treatment of the character, dynamic tensionRead MoreEssay on 103 American Literature Final Exam5447 Words   |  22 Pagesstates instituted segregationist Jim Crow laws and worked to erode the Constitutional amendments that guaranteed the civil rights of African Americans. (D) The vast majority of African Americans had fled the South for northern urban centers before 1877. 6. Which of the following best describes the goals of â€Å"regionalism† as a literary movement? (A) to represent and thus preserve the distinctive natural, social, and linguistic features of particular regions of the United States (B) to create texts thatRead MoreViolation Of The Maxims Of Cooperative Principle7912 Words   |  32 PagesFor the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in English (Ph. D.) Research Topic Violation of the Maxims of Cooperative Principle in Samuel Beckett’s Selected Plays. Research Student Mr. Mundhe Ganesh Balavantrao Research Guide Dr. B. A. Jarange Place of Research Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Pune CONTENTS 1) Introduction 2) Rationale of the Study 3) Hypothesis 4) Review of the Research Work 5) Aims and Objectives of the Research Project 6) Data, Methodology and Techniques 7) PlanRead MoreSpanish 1: High School Course Notes3074 Words   |  13 PagesThis is just so I can read an essay Spanish (espaà ±ol), also called Castilian[3] (castellano About this sound listen (help ·info)), is a Romance language that originated in Castile, a region of Spain. Approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin in terms of its number of native speakers worldwide.[1][2] It also has 60 million speakers as a second language,[2] and 20 million students as a foreign language.[4] Spanish is one of the six officialRead MoreLangston Hughes Research Paper25309 Words   |  102 Pagesa ranch and mines, Jim expressed contempt for black Americans who continued to submit to segregation and live in poverty. Langston Hughes, 1933 (Library of Congress) Langston was not ashamed of being a black American. He had already written poems celebrating his heritage. He felt connected to the oppressed brown people of the world and hated his father for mistreating his Mexican employees. Witnessing his fathers tyranny made Langston sick enough to require hospitalization. By the end

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